ADHD Friendly Education: How Do Things Fly?

How do Things Fly? Forces of Flight Provided by the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum I’ve decided to start sharing some of the more amazing, creative and engaging educational tools I’ve found while home schooling my kids. I am always on the lookout for websites, curriculum, apps and other visually rich media I know […]

How iFailed at Keeping my Kids Safe Online

iLet my kids talk to strangers online and iDidn’t even know iDid it. We all teach our kids not to talk to strangers and many of us are fully aware of the dangers that are lurking on the Internet in chat rooms and stalking through social networks. Technology manufacturers and web developers alike know concerned […]

Nobody should EVER have to be “beige!”

Last night I dreamt about my stepson, Josh. Even though he is technically only “mine” by marriage, he is a son to me regardless of biology. Joshua is intelligent, compassionate, smart, insightful, has ADHD and he’s also gay. He “came out” to us when he was 17 and, although it explained a few things, it […]

The Power of ADHD

The light bulb is a nearly universal symbol for power, energy and thought and there is no better image to represent ADD (or ADHD) than its glowing, semi-rounded shape.  Up until today, ADD has been represented by those three (or four) letters and images of hyperactive little boys.  Recent excuses for “news” articles in the […]

It’s Official: ADD is Not in Your Head… it’s in Your DNA

We will no longer give credence to the theories that claim AD/HD is a fabrication designed to disguise our lack of self-discipline and sense of responsibility for our own actions. We’re not lazy, apathetic or undisciplined… we have funky chromosomes! Even so, I am not claiming we don’t have an obligation to do our best […]

The Most Effective Treatment for ADD & ADHD… Common Sense

The first suggestion I have, and probably the most important step, is learning all that you can about what ADD is and what it isn’t. You will run into people who believe ADD is a myth, that every child who can’t sit still or every adult who forgets appointments has an ADD label stamped on […]