ADD/ADHD Friendly Blog

ADD/ADHD Friendly Blog

Why another blog…?  There are so many out there, so what makes me think I can do a better job?  Well, mainly because I don’t plan on filling my blog with extremely long articles and posts.  I have ADD/ADHD and write for people with ADD/ADHD and the bottom line is I don’t have the patience for long-winded blogging and none of my followers would have the patience to read my entries if I did.  Most of my entries will be short and sweet, I hope!

You may occassionally catch me getting long winded on a topic I’m passionate about.  I apologize in advance.  Feel free to post comments mentioning how you fell asleep or started thinking about whether you fed the dog after the first paragraph.

6 Responses to ADD/ADHD Friendly Blog

  • Biggdiel

    So,am I the first one here? =o)

    • Sunny

      Close! There was 1 person registered before you, but he hasn’t left a comment yet. :)

  • Biggdiel

    Questions, questions, questions……

    How do I enter a pic?

    A title line?

    Can we have signitures?

    • Sunny

      Well… it appears that we can’t add pictures. That’s kind of lame, but I guess since my blog is hosted by Yahoo, it’s not a full-feature deal. I’m going to look into the actual WordPress blog hosting and see if that’s a bit better. But, for now this will do I guess!

  • Katie

    This is kinda cool. :)

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